In an appearance on The HoopsHype Podcast, ex-NBA guard Larry Hughes, who played for eight different teams during his 14-year career in the league, talked on the similarities and differences between his former teammates – LeBron James and Michael Jordan, per ClutchPoints:

“I think the natural ability, the attention to detail, the respect that they [had for the game]; they were not going to waste their God-given talent, That stands out to me the most… They had a deeper understanding that they weren’t going to let their talent be wasted. And they were going to inspire other people. I mean, even though I played with Bron when he was younger, we still had young guys who were coming to the team that looked up to Bron. It was a situation where he took advantage of that, and I think MJ took advantage of that as well, knowing that he would impact and inspire a lot of kids through a lot of different generations.

I think the trash talk. Bron would talk trash and make comments in a joking fashion, but MJ had this way of being really aggressive with the trash talk and really using body language and everything to really get his point across. He seemed to be serious, but he may or may not have been – maybe he was just trying to pull those things out of his teammates and out of his peers. But he just had this way about him [where he wanted] you to really understand that he was the greatest,” Hughes said.

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