ESPN analyst believes the Nets will face difficult choice in the coming offseason

Spencer Dinwiddie
Photo: Paul Sancya/Associated Press

With NBA basketball being put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, many teams could think ahead of schedule as time passes by.

According to ESPN analyst Bobby Marks, the Brooklyn Nets may face difficult choices trying to improve their roster in the coming offseason. In particular, the question set by is if the Nets should try to market Spencer Dinwiddie or Caris LeVert to get front court help or a third star.

“Spencer has shown he can start in the league,” Bobby Marks said to Greg Logan per Newsday. “I don’t think he’s a top-10 point guard, but I think he’s probably in that next tier, the 10-15 range. I think Caris still has so much upside and he’s got a great contract, so Caris has more value than Spencer.

But if you are looking to upgrade the roster, somebody’s got to go. You’re basically staring at Spencer and Caris…In regard to Dinwiddie, it’s probably something they would have to look at to see what his value is out there,” he added.

Furthermore, Logan underlined the importance of durability can play in any decision, while the Nets are starting to entertain the idea of playing Durant as their starting 5, when he returns.

In that situation, the place of Jarett Allen in the roster may be in jeopardy according to Logan, as the Nets could upgrade Nicolas Claxton role in the coming season and offer Allen as a sweetener in a possible deal.