CJ McCollum Portland
Photo: Twitter/Portland Trail Blazers

CJ McCollum referred to the struggles many NBA players are facing during the basketball activity suspension because of the coronavirus.

The Blazers’ star and NBA Analyst Jordan Schultz discussed this on the latest Pull Up Podcast.

“I know a lot of players who are going crazy sitting in the house. A lot of them are playing video games and watching shows, going on walks, trying to clear their heads, doing Q&A’s online because you’re used to consistently having a schedule,” McCollum said.

Portland’s star continued by underlining the struggles that a player may face during the hiatus.

“You’re used to having things and places you need to be whether that’s practice, whether that’s appearances, whether that’s some of your hobbies or things you may be doing off the court, they’re very important.

Now you turn the page and some guys who don’t have life outside basketball are really struggling right now,” McCollum said.