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Over the past day or so, a flurry of cases have come to the forefront of NBA players being tested positive for the Coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19.

Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was the first NBA player to be tested positive. Followed by teammate Donovan Mitchell. A case involving Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons arose a short time after.

Four players on the Brooklyn Nets were tested positive for COVID-19, additionally. With one of the players being 2-time NBA Champion, Kevin Durant.

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Additional Cases:

Late on March 19, it came to the forefront that a member of the Denver Nuggets had tested positive for the virus. A flurry of cases then came to public attention. Including three members of the Philadelphia 76ers organisation. Two Lakers players. As well as a member of the Boston Celtics.

Marcus Smart announced that he was the Celtic that was tested positive. He added that he was not currently experiencing any symptoms. The Lakers then released an official statement, implying the same. That the two positive-tested players were not experiencing symptoms.

It is possible that the Lakers were exposed to the virus by the Brooklyn Nets on March 11. Who they played in their final game before the league was suspended due to the virus.

As per Tim Bontemps of ESPN, the NBA has closed the team’s practice facilities to players as of March 20. In addition, players are prohibited from using public health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, and college facilities.

To date, the list of positive tested players/cases in the NBA is the following:

  • Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz)
  • Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz)
  • Christian Wood (Detroit Pistons)
  • Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets)
  • Three other members of the Brooklyn Nets
  • One member of the Denver Nuggets
  • Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics)
  • Two Lakers players
  • Three members of the Philadelphia 76ers