Robert Swift is a name that diehard fans of the Seattle Supersonics and Oklahoma City Thunder would remember.

Standing at 7’1, heavily tattooed and arriving to the NBA with a lot of promise, Swift landed in the first round with the 12th pick in 2004 to the Supersonics. A heavily skilled big man with a mid-range jump shot that was overlooked at the best of times.

After five not so successful years in the NBA, Swift moved to Japan to play for the now defunct Tokyo Apache, since then, he disappeared off the radar.

A new homeowner, attempting to reside in Sammamish, on the east side of Washington has now alerted the basketball world of Swift’s whereabouts, completely by accident and unfortunately a shadow of what the big man used to be.

The homeowner, a lady who didn’t want to reveal her identity bought a beautiful suburban home but when she caught a first glimpse of her new property, found copious amounts of empty beer cans, including cans of Loko, a beer brand that has not been sold in the U.S. since 2010. Several cars in the driveway that looked like they haven’t been moved in years and incredibly, a bullet-hole in the garage window.

The previous owner was the former NBA star, Swift. And despite going beyond his grace period to leave the house, he refuses to budge, a reporter from news station KOMO attempted to catch a word with Swift but a woman, claiming to be his girlfriend answered and said that he was sleeping.

The former Supersonic and Thunder big man has until Thursday (February 28) to vacate the property or face the embarrassing prospect of being removed by force.

News story via KOMO news.