Welcome to our latest column! From time to time we will try to beat the bookie by offering you some betting options, mainly focused on European basketball odds and market. Bear with us throughout our first steps, and hit us back with your own ideas and inspirations.

The consept is simple: I will start off with 1000 betting credits and pick a few games per week, or whenever I feel like it, and place a number of those credits against the odds offered for the pick I like. When posting the next article, a current balance will be displayed at the bottom of the page, so you can judge for yourself how successful, or most likely unsuccessful I am.

Let’s start by the game of the night in Istanbul, where Anadolu Efes is hosting CSKA Moscow. The Turkish side is finally resembling the team that we all loved and admired during the early days of the Euroleague, in the previous decade.

I firmly believe that Efes is the real deal this year and I will give them plenty of chances of beating CSKA tonight. If you want to be a bit risky you can bet on Efes money line @2/1 while if you want a little buffer zone you can opt for the Efes points spread of +2.5 @1.9/1.

The reason I’m backing up Efes tonight is that CSKA is not unbeatable this year, plus they will be missing their best player Viktor Khryapa. Additionally to that Krstic has lost his starting position while the team may face a lack of shooting fire power after they released Christmas. The Turkish side are unbeaten at home after four Top16 games and all their players are fit to play.
Total bet with 10 credits: Efes +2.5 @1.91

The second pick of the day will be from another interesting game of the night where Euroleague underachieving champions Olympiacos is taking on the rejuvinated Caja Laboral. Tabak may have started his Caja Laboral career in fashion with a huge winning streak, but lately his team is undergoing a crisis losing both in Euroleague and ACB. However, Olympiacos is not in a much better condition, especially mentally, after losing the Greek Cup to their arch-rivals Panathinaikos.

Although Olympiacos will will the game, I don’t believe they will do in an easy fashion. Caja Laboral will put a good fight before going down, even trying to defend their 4 points margin win over Olympiacos in the opening game of their Top16 campaign.
Total bet with 10 credits: Caja Laboral +8 @1.7/1

Betting Balance: +1000

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