LeBron James
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During a recent appearance on Complex’s “Load Management” podcast, Stephon Marbury called LeBron James a fake Laker, after James said he and his Lakers teammates will continue Kobe Bryant’s legacy throughout this season and beyond.

Full quote, via 247Sports:

“You don’t need to go get guys like LeBron to go speak and talk about what they’re going to carry and all of that. He don’t need you to carry his legacy. His legacy is already his legacy. You don’t do that. Carry your own legacy. Keep it popping and going. You not no real Laker. The real Laker fans are real laker fans. And real Laker players. So when you hear these guys saying this type of stuff and doing these type of things, I’m wondering what is it for?”

Stephon Marbury

Stephen A. Smith responds to Marbury’s comments that LeBron James is “not a real Laker:”

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