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There is over a month to run until the NBA season wraps up. It still leaves plenty of opportunity for fans who like a punt.

Fans would know there are lots of ways to bet on an NBA game. It can be as straightforward as which team will win, by how much, and who gets the first basket of the game.

This article is going to talk about what NBA teams are returning the most revenue to punters over the last season.

While you can back your favorite out of loyalty, for some people, their interest is in the money. This article is talking to these latter people.

And we’re going to focus on two common types of NBA betting; betting against the spread (ATS) and betting over and under the totals.

Betting against the spread is a bet against the betting line. In every NBA game, there is a betting line that is slanted in favor of one of the teams. When you are betting against the spread the punter is using points to bet on the unfavored side.

If you are betting against the spread for a straight win, the best NBA team to back are the Boston Celtics.

They currently have an ATS win rate of 63.16%. Hot on Boston’s heels is Oklahoma City on 62.71%, Milwaukee on 59.32%, Dallas on 58.33% and the LA Lakers on 55.36%.

On the ATS win measure, the worst-performing teams are Chicago, San Antonio, Portland, Detroit and Minnesota.

If your ATS betting preference is focused on points, skip team loyalty and have a look at Boston again. In terms of ATS points, Boston comes in at 12.9. Boston is followed by Oklahoma on 12.8, Milwaukee on 8.6, Dallas on 7.5, and the LA Lakers on 3.5.

Conversely, if you are betting on ATS points, you should be avoiding Chicago which is sitting on -9.2, San Antonio which is on -12.2, Portland which is on -13.4, Detroit which in on -16.6 and Minnesota on -19.6.

An alternative form of NBA betting is a total over or a total under bet. It is a bet on the total amount of points scored by both teams in a game. There is a sportsbook set and the punter bets on whether the final score will be over or under the number set by the sportsbook.

Sounds simple? Yes and no. You’ll have a better revenue return backing ladder leaders on totals over bets than on totals under bets. The statistics back this up.

If you reckon you’ve got the goods and can beat the sportsbook, match it up with the stats. When focusing on total over or under bets, these are the best performing teams and potentially the most lucrative for punters.

Leading the pack for best totals over betting is Dallas, coming up trumps for the punter 63.3% of the time across NBA matches this season. Following Dallas is Miami on 62.1%, San Antonio on 61.8%, Detroit on 61.7% and Washington on 59.6%.

On the flip side, the worst-performing teams are Charlotte on 47.5%, Houston on 44.8%, LA Clippers and Golden State both on 44.1%, and New York on 43.1%.

The best performing team for totals under betting is New York on 56.9%, LA Clippers and Golden State on 55.9%, Houston on 55.2% and Denver on 52.5%.

Knowing which teams are potentially the least profitable is as important as knowing which teams are the most profitable.

For totals under betting, the worst-performing teams are Washington on 40.4%, Detroit on 38.3%, San Antonio on 38.2%, Miami on 37.9% and Dallas on 36.7%.

Armed with the statistical data, identifying NBA teams to make the most revenue becomes a much simpler task and is almost as important as using a trustworthy bookmaker that offers high odds and generous bonus offers.

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If you like punting on ATS wins, the best team in town right now are the Boston Celtics. They are also the top-performing team when it comes to ATS points betting.

Punters have more luck betting on totals over betting than total under. If you punt on the top-performing points over team, being Dallas, you have a substantially higher chance of a win than if you back the top-performing points under team, presently New York.