Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has turned to Facebook to wish fired coach Mike Brown all the best.

Bryant, who doesn’t own a verified Twitter account but has his own Facebook page which he updates himself earlier called for his team-mates to focus on matters on the court and not think about today’s news.

“I’ve seen coaches as well as friends come and go. No matter how many years I’ve been playing, it’s still hard to deal with,” Bryant announced.

“I had a good relationship with Mike [Brown] and I will continue to have one. I wish him and his family nothing but the best. I spoke with him today and thanked him for all his hard work and sacrifice.”

With the Lakers facing the Golden State Warriors tonight, Bryant knows that the eyes of the basketball world will be on the Lakers’ game tonight but Bryant, who has been no stranger to having the media spotlight on him and his team has issued a plea to his team to focus on matters on the court and improve their current 1-4 record.

“As a team, we must focus our energy on tonight’s game,” he said. “We must block out the weight of today’s news and simply do our jobs to the best of our ability.”