Andrew Bynum is expected to start practicing on October 24 and play in the Philly’s season opener.

Bynum is going to be at the center of the 76ers offense this season, but first he needs to be fully fit. The 24-year old receives an injection on his knees to lubricate the joint on a regular basis. This happens twice a year: one before the season starts, another in the All-Star break.

Bynum already underwent a platelet therapy last month in Germany. He received the same therapy last season after the famous German doctor, Peter Wehling, heeled Kobe’s “ancient” knees. The big fella was happy with the results of the treatment, and he was able to play in 60 of the 66 regular season games.

Bynum received early this week another injection which was announced to be “routine”. This injection is used for the treatment of the osteoarthritis. Bu this isn’t related to the procedure he underwent in Germany.

Bynum will return the court on October 24. This is a week before the season opener and he will have six days of practicing. Sixers coach Doug Collins plans on a break on October 27, so they can monitor Bynum’s injury.

“He’s progressing and on track to where I think he hoped he would be at this time. Obviously, the next step for him is getting running and weight-bearing,” says Collins. But he is definitely not going to push Bynum too hard: “A lot of that is going to be how he responds to increased activity. I know how important the home opener is, but we’re not going to do anything silly and have another setback where it costs you and now you have to miss those kinds of games.”

It looks like Bynum will be ready for the season opener. But the most important issue will be his conditioning which will determine his minutes.