Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Stephen Curry has been out for four-month after he got an injury in the match between Golden State Warriors and Phoenix suns. His injury happened after he tried to sidestep Aron Baynes, but he collided with the Phoenix center and crashed to the floor. Curry has braced himself for the fall but Baynes tumbled backward and landed on top of Curry’s left hand. At first, the doctors thought that he only had a problem twisting his wrist, but the final conclusion was that the guard had a broken arm. This makes Curry only can play four games this season, but the Warriors’ superstar is moving forward and comes closer to the return.

It’s been a disastrous season for the Golden State Warriors. Their fans really miss Curry since they are in the last position of the NBA Standings. The injury of the captain made the Golden State Warriors situation even more difficult and many people think that NBA basketball is not as interesting as before since Curry cannot play. But things are going to get better for the team and its fans, as Steph Curry’s close to a return from injury. According to the coach Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry has officially had the first unrestricted training session since the injury. The Golden State superstar completed his practice session with the whole team without any problems.

Golden State has been struggling without the services of Curry this season. The Warriors are currently 12-43 and the last place seems really fit for them in the NBA Standings. But with 26 regular-season games remaining, there is still enough time for the Warriors and Curry to get back on the court.

The Warriors will issue an official update on Curry on Feb. 28, and the Media also pays a lot of attention to Curry’s return. An extremely exciting update for Golden State fans, Curry declared confidently that he would play the game the following weekend. “The goal is always March 1. My recovery process very long, and over weeks, I have achieved the goal set by the medical team. By now, I have not had any problems and am on the right track,” Curry shared.

“It was fun to rehearse because I went through so many things, I had to spend my time alone in the gym, locked myself up with personal exercises to improve my fitness. But everything has its purpose and nothing more fun than playing again,” Warriors superstar continued.

Curry is probably itching to play after he was sitting on the sideline for several months, and Kerr says it’s important that Curry gains some familiarity with his new teammates, including Andrew Wiggins.

“We only have 7 players left to play, so Stephen (Curry) went out with the members of the coaching team. Everything was very good, especially with Steph. He looks pretty good when he played today, I think it’s important for Steph and Andrew to get to know each other and to play together,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr said.

According to a source from the team, Stephen Curry and the coaching staff are determined to return him to the match against the Washington Wizards, which takes place on Monday (March 1 in US time). Even so, things will still depend on Steph’s situation in the next practice sessions with the whole team. In the coming week, the Golden State Warriors will update Stephen Curry’s injury situation once again, but surely the day he is coming back is closer than ever. If you are interested in gambling, you can consider 188BET basketball betting webiste for more information.