Dwight Howard’s soap opera is ready for a new cycle of episodes.

According to league sources, the Magic’s center won’t go to Houston, while his team has stopped talking with the Rockets, as there was no progress recently.

These news sound kind of strange, after it had become publicly known, that the Rockets had mobilized even former superstar Olajuwon in order to manage Howard’s stay, at Texas after the possible trade.

Earlier this week, the Magic were trying to send Howard to the Brooklyn Nets, a team which tries hard to be as competitive as it can, next season. The Nets who will move to the newly built arena (Barclays Center) in Brooklyn, ended the negotiations due to their decision to sign a head coach before make any further moves at the transfer market.

As a result, both Rockets and Lakers entered Howard’s acquisition rally. The Texans were closer, after the use “amnesty provision” to part ways with Luis Scola and expand their cap room, in order to be more able to integrate Howard to their roster.

However, the talks are not active at the moment, according to the source that David Aldridge of NBA.com mentioned yesterday. The main thing that slowed down any possible progress during the discussions was Howard’s statement, that he will not resign next year with the Rockets, if this trade goes ahead this summer.

On the other hand, Lakers are not able to attract the Magic’s center, because there are no draft picks to exchange, plus the fact that there aren’t any desirable players that Orlando would love to add to its roster. A possible and realizable trade of Howard to the Lakers, might had to include Houston too. That way, it would be easier for Kobe’s team to send Bynum to Houston, bring Howard to LA, while at the same time Houston would give one or more of its rookies plus draft picks to Orlando.

Although it seems difficult for Howard to move to Los Angeles via Houston, the three team deal scenario might comes true via Cleveland. The Lakers didn’t want to waste time and have already approached Cleveland, to be the third part of the deal. They are willing to send Andrew Bynum to Ohio, while the Cavaliers will give draft picks and fresh youngsters to Orlando. This might works, since Cavs need a solid addition for their frontline and Magic will finally be relieved by Howard’s huge contract and get ready to start rebuilding the team.

One way or another, the reality is too complicated for Howard’s effort to make a step forward. Stand by…