Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

These are not average stats. These are stats that resemble anyone between Shaquille O’Neal or Kobe Bryant. Over 30 points per game (30.1), over 13 rebounds per game (13.2) in just over 30 minutes per game. That’s insane.

Giannis is alongside, Harden averaging almost one point per every minute that they play. The dominance displayed by Giannis is so elite that it is being taken for granted.

The NBA has possibly never had anyone replicate the physical stature of Giannis, maybe Wilt Chamberlain comes close, but the near 7 footer moves as if he is a guard, is a strong as center and can play elite defense on almost any opposing position. He just turned 25, that is insane.

He could very well be the type of player who has the ability to hone his skill for years that he could fundamentally retire at an age just before 40. Everyone should be appreciating his greatness at basketball now, because as we’ve learned by Kobe Bryant – life can come for you at the least suspecting times.