Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In a late thriller between two EuroLeague powerhouses last week, CSKA Moscow managed to end Real Madrid’s undefeated streak (60-55).

Here are some interesting scouting notes that came out of the game:

When you travel from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow sparkling or clean water price for 0,5 liter jumps from 30 rubles to one hundred. Logically you expect the same for basketball game level. But not that day.

Actually, I do not remember such a women-score result in the matches between CSKA and Real Madrid. So, I suppose betting business could become richer after that single game.

Trey Tompkins took the leading role, shooting long range and other shots. It was a loose ball game, as teams produced 33 turnovers together.

The matchup between Facundo Campazzo and Mike James promised to be the point of interest to follow. Campazzo was miraculous from the beginning, playing universally in his style though missing some open three-pointers (3 out of 10 in the end).

Anyway, CSKA gave too much space for Madrid in the first half. CSKA fired too many complicated shots and could NOT find their roster and game for 25-30 minutes.

James performed his selfish trademark basketball passing out in no way situations and shooting unbelievable balls, making it effective from time to time.

Both teams did some rotation changes, but the game pace didn’t change. It looked a rewind tape of mistakes in low tempo mode.

Campazzo managed to get James irritated and furious, making tough contacts in defense. He was the one to take the game under control.

Campazzo also made Hilliard punch him in the chest to get third personal foul. Nevertheless, CSKA managed to get closer (31-33) and take the lead – this was when James nailed a three- pointer for SCKA in the middle of the third quarter (34-33).

Thompkins spined over three big guys under the rim and made AN easy basket. For their part, Campazzo and Hilliard exchanged long shots to make it a tie. James came back in the last quarter and gave CSKA some new positive mood.

With Facundo out of court, it was hard for Real to score with stable trend, but at the same time Nicolas Laprovitolla played well in his backup role, orchestrating half offence and producing targeted shots from time to time.

Thompkins missed his most important three-pointer from the PG position in the last quarter and no timeouts and fouls could change the situation any more.

CSKA won, but it was not the STARWARS match as I call it. Even the Euroleague playoffs don’t deserve such basketball.

Let us forget that performance and hope both teams can wake up in the nearest future.