The Los Angeles Clippers won the battle of Los Angeles as they beat the Lakers 94-102 despite Kobe’s 42 points.

Pacers serve Celtics fourth straight loss 83-97.

Mavs crushed the Kings 60-99 for fifth straight win.

Hawks bounced back from -18 to beat Wolves 91-93.

All the results:

Philadelphia 76ers103-90Washington Wizards
Golden State Warriors100-112Charlotte Bobcats
Minnesota Timberwolves91-93Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics83-97Indiana Pacers
Toronto Raptors64-77Chicago Bulls
New Orleans Hornets99-108Memphis Grizzlies
Portland Trailblazers105-107Houston Rockets
New York Knicks92-104Oklahoma City Thunder
Sacramento Kings60-99Dallas Mavericks
New Jersey Nets94-107Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Lakers94-102Los Angeles Clippers

Dallas Mavericks will receive their championship rings in a ceremony on January 25th, before the game against Minnesota Timberwolves, with JJ Barea in town.

Carmelo Anthony missed the game against the Thunder due to a sprained right ankle.

Golden State added free agent Earl Barron.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Chris Paul from downtown: