7 winning tips to bet on the NBA like a champion

Photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

The history of sports dates back as old as human history, and men have always been highly interested in sports. It is a fact that there were few games in the beginning, but with the evolution of humankind, the competitions have also evolved, and many games have come into existence, and most have modernized. Sports is undoubtedly one of the favorite topics of youngsters and also popular in elders. In the modern era, women also seem to be equally interested in following and participating in the games as well as participating in different sports as sportswomen.

There are hundreds of recognized sports played in different parts of the world, but some of them are highly popular among people. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is among the top 10 games in the world and offers an amazing NBA betting line for the enthusiasts who can make quick bucks using their insight about the game. NBA is a men’s professional basketball league in North America, which includes 30 teams that compete for the number one spot. NBA was founded in 1946 in New York City and has found its way in the hearts of people over the years.According to a poll carried out by ESPN, the NBA sits at the sixth spot in the list of most-beloved games in the world.

The popularity of sports has also paved the way for betting on sports, and it has become so popular that it has become a legally protected industry in many countries of the world. Betting is a source of entertainment, and crazy fans try their luck and knowledge about sports through betting. It increases excitement in the game, and one can also earn money from betting.

NBA is no exception, and betting in it is extremely popular too. For betting on the NBA, you should have basic knowledge of basketball and then the procedure on how to bet. You should know about the team combination, star players, and the records set by their previous performances. When you want to bet on the NBA, you come across bookie agents who may help you to bet; but with the technology advancement, betting is now accessible online. Everyone wants to win, and nobody wants to lose, and it goes into betting as well. We are sharing with you the seven winning tips that will let you bet you on the NBA like a champion.

  1. Get game knowledge more than an NBA fan

There are millions of NBA fans, and if you are also one of them, and you are willing to bet on the game, you can’t bet like a pro if you are just a fan of the game. You have to get the knowledge of basketball game beyond an average fan, so you know all ins and outs of the game and bet like a pro.

2. Pay heed to key statistics

Statistics play a vital role in any game, and the NBA is no exception. There may be several statistics when it comes to the NBA, but there are few factors that demand your extra attention and help you in betting. You should pay heed to points in the paint, rebounds, and turnovers, which are indeed key factors to decide the game-winner. If any team performs well in these three departments, they have proven their mettle, and they have fair chances of winning. So, bet on those who are well-coached in these three areas of the NBA.

3. Teams have an advantage at home court

You may have your instinct and mathematical formula to judge the favorite team before any NBA match, but you cannot ignore the fact that teams playing at their home courts always have an upper edge. Home teams may be underdogs on paper, but they become a mighty force while playing in front of the home crowd. In a regular NBA season in 2014, 19 teams out of 30 secured straight winnings at the home courts. Therefore, you should keep in mind the home advantage while betting.

4. Keep an eye on the match schedule

This factor is so subtle that it goes unnoticed most of the time, but it may have a significant impact on the match result. Before betting, you should have a close look at the match schedule of the NBA league. Sometimes, a single team may be playing 2-3 matches on consecutive days, which forces fatigue factor to kick in. It does not happen all the time but can occur in the match schedule due to any reason. The teams playing without proper rest have high chances of losing.

5. Manage your betting money

Betting is like an addiction, and when you are a fan of the NBA and following a whole season, then it is very likely that you may lose concentration on the money management and keep on betting without realizing the losses and winnings. It is imperative you properly manage the betting money and keep it in a separate account before the start of the NBA season.

6. Analyze line movements

Oddsmakers usually release the betting lines well before 24 hours of the actual game. People start reacting to the betting lines, and you should analyze the betting lines and people’s reactions to conclude. The best move may be to see the opening betting odds and look at the lines that are moving in your favor.

7. Bet on favorites

Sometimes, you don’t need to do a lot of thinking process in betting, and you should sail with the wind and bet on favorites straight away. This scenario comes up usually when a favorite hot team is up against an underdog team, which gives a clear advantage to the idols, and they have high chances to beat the underdogs and make you good money in betting.


The betting on the NBA is itself a popular activity, and many people want to indulge in the betting. We hope that the seven winning tips we have shared with you would allow you to bet on the NBA like a champion and make it a winning habit.