ImageThis is the second and part of my reseasrch regarding the fantasy players. I am focusing on players to complement your teams, that seem to be worth their value.

Adam Lapeta (PF-C, 11 credits): This could be a nice pick to supplement a team if you have only few credits to spend. Honestly, I don't know if he is any good, but he sees 15 minutes per game so far in the Polish league and scores 12 IRP in average (20, 11, 5). Of course he is probably not a pick for the long run, but Prokom faces Oldenburg at home in the first game. Definitely not the strongest opponent for the Poles. Lapeta needs to score just 3 IRP to gain the max.

Cedrick Banks (SG-SF, 52 credits): The 27-year old American is expected to be the leader of Orleans this season. In the four games of the Euroleague Qualifying Round he averaged 15.8 points in 25.5 minutes for an index rating of 15.8 (9, 16, 24, 14). In the two games of the French league Banks' numbers are similar: 28mpg and 15.5 IRPpg. Drawback? Yes sir! Orleans faces Olympiacos in Greece in the first game. Banks needs 13 IRP to remain idle and 15 to gain the max.

Martynas Gecevicius (SG-SF, 35 credits): Gecevicius is just 21 years old. However in the five games he's played for the LKL and the BBL he gets 27.4mpg and scores and average of 20.6 IRP. Of course these leagues are nothing compaired to the Euroleague strength-wise, but still those are some impressive numbers. Rytas hosts Efes Pilsen in the first game and Gecevicius at 35 credits needs 8.75 IRP to remain idle and 10 to gain the max.

Bojan Popovic (PG, 40 credits):
The pickings are slim in the PG position to be honest. Maybe Bojan Popovic is worth a shot as he is the only playmaker of Lietuvos Rytas (not counting Evaldas Dainys and combo guards). He already has a very successfull season in his past with Dynamo and maybe he can come back with another good season. In the 5 LKL and BBL games he's played so far he averages 21 minutes and 14.4 IRP (4, 11, 26, 20, 11). At 40 credits he needs 10 IRP to remain idle and 11.5 to gain the max. Doable against Efes? Why not?

Billy Keys (PG, 51 credits): The leader of Maroussi to EL qualification. He averaged 32,27 minutes on the floor, 14.3 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2 assists and 13.3 IRP in the 4 qualification games. Last season he had 12.8 IRP in average with Maroussi in the Eurocup. He is at 51 credits which is a bit expensive, but he is pretty consistent in his numbers which makes him a reasonable pick. Maroussi is playing against CSKA in Athens in the first game. Keys needs 13 points to remain idle and 15 to gain the max.

Milos Teodosic (PG, 34 credits): Already most-bought player in the Fantasy Challenge, mainly due to his outstanding Eurobasket campaign where he was alected in the tournament's first team. Of course that does not guarantee anything. He has Theo Papaloukas and -friendlies revelation- Patrick Beverley to share PG time with. He is however expected to be in the starting lineup. 34 credits make him an attractive choice, but he still needs to score 9 points for idle and 10 for max. Luckily for him (and hopefully for whoever picks him), Olympiacos faces Orleans in Greece for the opener.

Sofoklis Schortsanitis (PF-C, 44 credits):
More or less the same as Teodosic. He had an excellent Eurobasket, being dominant against most big guys, Schortsanitis seems to be reborn, being in the best form of his life. He also enjoys the trust and confidence of coach Giannakis. The frontline of Olympiacos however features Bourousis, Vujcic, Glyniadakis and Mavrokefalidis besides Big Sofo and the minutes nedd to be shared. Luckily for Schortsanitis, he just needs 10-15 minutes for an index rating of 10-15. He needs 11 points to remain idle and 13 for the max. Defo doable against Orleans. Last minute note: He was infected with the H1N1 virus in the weekend.

Georgi Shermadini (PF-C, 23 credits):
Shermadini was huge in the friendlies. With Mike Batiste and Kostas Tsartsaris sidelined he is expected to carry the whole frontline along with Antonis Fotsis, Nikola Pekovic and recently added Jurica Golemac. Panathinaikos plays AJ Milano in Italy and Shermadini is expected to see some minutes, making his price (23 credits) very attractive. 6 for idle, 7 for max.

And some last names that are interesting at their price: Pete Mickeal, D.Lavrinovic, Sergio Llull, Jan Vesely, Aleksandar Rasic, Marios Batis, Michalis Pelekanos, Dimitris Mavroeidis, Ibby Jaaber, Milko Bjelica, Dejan Borovnjak, Tarence Kinsey, Jasmin Perkovic, Laurent Sciarra, Austin Nichols, Andrey Vorontsevich, Keith Langford, Benjamin Dewar, Eric Campbell.

Have fun and enjoy,


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