Steven Adams
Photo: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors circulated last week that the Sacramento Kings were interested in a potential trade for Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams.

The rumors were that the Thunder were “seeking a young draft pick and salary relief.”

Those rumors have since been squashed and called untrue by a report for the Sacramento Bee.

The report stated, “A league source told The Sacramento Bee reports linking the Kings to trade talks for Adams are ‘not accurate at all.’ The source added the Kings ‘never were’ seriously considering a trade for the Oklahoma City strongman.”

The original rumors had the Kings interested in Adams before free agency began, as they discussed a potential deal with the Thunder.

The rumor also was that the Thunder were interested in one of the Kings’ young shooting guards, Buddy Hield or Bogdan Bogdanovic, but the talks didn’t get very far.

Adams recently said in an interview with the New Zealand Herald that the rumors were upsetting.

“It ain’t this thing where you just read about it and you’re just surprised that it happened to you,” Adams said. “If it’s happening to someone else there’s a chance it could happen to you – it’s common sense.”

Adams continued, “It still affects you in some way, because you’re human. Obviously, I care about the organization here but, again, we’re here to support the organization and the organization needs to do well and you have to keep that in mind.”