Have you ever wondered how do cheerleaders look, behave, live outside the Arenas? Personally, I haven’t. But I’m sure that you have…

So here we go:

Anna Burkina is the head of the CSKA Dance Team. Here she is in action in a CSKA home game:

And here she is enjoying her life:

Here is Anna Zvereva, a CSKA cheerleader

And here she is outside the Arenas:

The list goes on… Here is Evgenya Provodyna in action:

And here she is going on with her perfectly normal life…

Guess what? Another CSKA cheerleader! Please welcome Miss Darya Petrovskaya

Wanna see what she does in her free time? Why not?

I think you haven’t had enough and want more… So here comes Darya Goryacheva:

Check out her hobby of… having her pictures taken…

What? You want more? Ok, ok… Ladies and Gentlemen… Masha Pozdnyakova!

Wanna know where she was on holidays this summer? I think it’s in Israel…

OK, I think we had enough for today… Allright, allright I’ll post another cheerleader, the last one! Seriously… Miss Nastasia Zaiditinova, my favorite i would dare to say.

Here she is under the sun…

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