The NBA basketball court with its bright lights often seems to be similar to the Vegas or Atlantic City casinos. The majority of their fans would never compare these two things because they watch their heroes go regularly head to head on this fantastic court. However, at the back of the stage, it is a totally different story. 

We understand that the NBA team is not a group of angels. Like we all, they are also attracted by the glam and splendor of Vegas. If you have the experience to play at a casino, especially if it is one of the giants along the infamous Vegas Strip, you understand precisely what we are speaking about.  

You don’t really need to visit Atlantic City or Vegas to feel that incredible atmosphere. Today, there are lots of top-rated Canadian online casinos such as Jackpot City casino instant play which will offer you exactly the same excitement and thrill. Their essential advantage is that you don’t even have to leave your house and go anywhere. You can enjoy all the games lying on your couch. 

But there is a small annoying detail about the need to look like having a good time and spending tons of cash on a winning hand of blackjack, which is the best strategy. If you play on your tablet or mobile phone, you cannot achieve these goals, and it wouldn’t do for famous NBA players. 

The All-NBA Gambling Team 

To disclose the topic of NBA players who are fans of casino gambling, we invite you to read the list of the most famous names in the NBA team with their most significant losses at casinos. 

Michael Jordan. Considered to be the best player of all time, Michael Jordan is very competitive inside the court and outside it. Like another player, Charles Barkley, Jordan likes to show his competitiveness while playing at casinos, generally in Atlantic City. But his real passion is competing with his friends and other sports stars on the golf course for high bets and shooting. His most significant loss was $1,000,000. 

Charles Barkley. Being an impressive personality, Barkley shocked his fans in 2006 when he told about his losses of 10 million dollars at casinos. One year later, he managed to win back almost $700 thousand when he supported the Colts to win Super Bowl XLI. Barkley was taken to court by the Las Vegas’s Wynn Casino for failing to pay around $400,000. Despite such situations, he doesn’t seem to slow down. He is still regularly seen in various casinos in Vegas, spending huge amounts of money. 

J.R. Smith. He is a hero of a funny story which is well-known for everybody interested in his personality. The former Nuggets player and current Cleveland shooting guard, Smith, is famous for his strange behavior on the court, which adds a lot to his reputation. Once, his multi-million dollar mansion was burgled. Among the things, the thieves got away with was a suitcase which contained almost $15 thousands. On the scene, Smith told the police that the cash in the suitcase was his money for gambling. I think it is not so weird if you are a multi-millionaire. But for ordinary people, having a suitcase with thousands of dollars sounds pretty crazy. 

Antoine Walker. The majority of NBA players enjoying gambling can quickly recover or cover their losses. However, some of them are not so lucky. For example, Antoine Walker, power forward playing at the Celtics, is an example of a person whose promising career fell to the ground after learning how to binge experienced gambler from none other than Michael Jordan himself. Antoine Walker started to play regular poker and was eventually caught in 2009 for writing lots of bad checks for more ten various casinos that he was supposed to give back money to. Before this incident, Walker’s NBA career was estimated for 100 million dollars. After being arrested for failing to pay back his debts to the Vegas casinos with a total of $800,000, his life changed a lot. 

Charles Oakley. This NBA player was always a big fan of casino games. However, he didn’t like opponents who fail to pay back their debts. Being a man of his word, Oakley expected the same behavior from the others. In 2000, one of the infamous stories happened with Oakley. The power forward was suspended and fined after he hit Tyrone Hill, the Philadelphia Sixer’s all-star, and then threw basketballs at him just before a preseason game. The reason for this incident was that Hill had debt up to $54,000 to Oakley. While giving the comments on this situation, Oakley told that a gentleman should pay his debt within one or two weeks.