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Whether you’re someone who wants to be able to follow basketball games on television or play the sport better, be glad to know there are ways to improve your basketball IQ. This way you’ll sound like you know what you’re talking about with others and will have a more enjoyable experience with the sport in general.

It’s going to take a little extra time and effort on your part but know that your hard work will pay off in the end. You may come to find you truly like watching and playing the sport and making it a bigger part of your life. It’ll be fun cheering on players and teams and knowing what’s going on out on the court.

Get to Know the Teams & Players

One way to improve your basketball IQ is to get to know the different teams and players better. Visit a site such as Unibet and see predictions regarding upcoming games and who and what teams are being talked about in particular. You can then use your knowledge to place bets on specific games and have fun putting your knowledge to the test.

Watch to Learn

Another excellent way to improve your basketball IQ is to sit down and actually watch games. According to Points in the Paint, it’s one of the best sports out there and will keep you entertained. You can do so at all levels, including from youth basketball all the way through to the pro level. You simply taking the time to view the sport in action and seeing what occurs out on the court will help you to improve your knowledge and general understanding of the game. You’ll quickly find that you slowly are able to pick up on what’s happening and the rules as the action unfolds.

Find A Mentor

In addition, you can improve your basketball IQ by finding a mentor who knows a lot about the sport and is willing to teach you what they know. This can be someone who has played the game themselves, a coach or a person who is a super fan and knows all about the different players, teams and can explain to you what’s happening on the court as you watch. Hang out with this individual on a regular basis and pick their brain about what they know regarding the sport and ask them all of your burning questions.

Play the Sport

There are good reasons as to why basketball is fun to play according to The Sports Daily, and it’s also a great way to get exercise and stay fit. Therefore, consider increasing your IQ around the sport by playing the game yourself. There are plenty of leagues to join or pickup games likely going on right in your local area. Start slowly by buying a basketball and dribbling and shooting in your driveway or heading to the gym and inserting yourself in a game that’s being played for fun. Otherwise, call up your friends and see who’s interested in playing and helping you to learn more about the sport in their free time. The more experience you can get playing and learning about basketball, the better.