ImageSpanish NT played in Seville its second friendly game to prepare Eurobasket in Poland. Great Britain NT could do nothing except trying to avoid a big defeat. The best players were Ricky Rubio and Marc Gasol, while Nate Reinking and Nick George did their best to help their team.

When Spanish NT started to play basketball instead of trying to make the game a showtime, Great Britain only could sit and watch how Navarro, Ricky Rubio and Marc Gasol gave their particular show.

Only in the beginning of the match, british players keep distance with local side, which started very cold. When Spain took advantage, the game just ended.

Anyway, there are some key factors that can work as clutchs fot the upcoming Eurobasket. The main weapon that Great Britain can use to win a game is their zonal defense 2-3. It worked very well until RIcky started to score from behind the arc. But it could work if they keep training hard.

Spain played with four different point guards: Rubio, Cabezas, Lopez and Lllull. It only makes you wonder if it wouldn't have been better to bring Suarez or Blanco into the team to help as small forwards instead of another playmaker, although Lllull is being used very often as a shooting guard. 

Another question is Claver. Scariolo is giving him lots of minutes and chances to try to make his confidence be back. But something doesn't work. The player doesn't try fo make something different as he used to, and in almost every action he plays, it's a lost ball.
As expected, it was a game to prove new things and make teams more competitive to face  European Championship in Poland.

84 – España (23+21+17+23): Rudy Fernández (11), Marc Gasol (17), Mumbrú (3), Raúl López (7), Claver (1) -starting five-, Garbajosa (9), Guillem Rubio (1), Navarro (17), Llull (2), Ricky Rubio (13), Cabezas (3).

63 – Gran Bretaña (14+17+13+19):
Clark (0), Freeland (6), George (11), Lenzley (10), Boyd (6) -starting five-, Leven (0), Betts (3), Reinking (11), Toney (0), Sullivan (6), Archibald (1), Hart (3), Robinson (0), Forbes (3), Harke (0), Achara (3).