Jared Dudley on players’ power to change the game: “The old generation probably doesn’t like it because there’s no team”

Photo: ClutchPoints

The now-Los Angeles Lakers veteran Jared Dudley shared his thoughts on players, who tampering with each other during the regular season and making decisions on their own:

“I just think that tampering is at an all-time high during the season. I seen that even when guys are playing. It’s hard to even be focused. You hear in December, Kyrie talking to Spencer (Dinwiddie), you got KD, what he’s thinking about. Kawhi (Leonard), it even came out the other day, Paul George talking about even wanting to play with him since when he was in San Antonio and George was in Indiana. These guys, they talk, they don’t mind calling. So what you got to do is start playing the game. USA Basketball is huge for networking and you got to have a start.

I’m not surprised players almost want shorter contracts now. And because of that, players have more power. Players are flexing it. We’re doing that and it’s now gotten to a point where someone like Kawhi changes the game, says hey, I’m only playing 65 games and he’s telling you before. He’s telling you how he’s going to play. I love it to a certain degree. Owners are making money, players are making money. I think that, you know, the old generation probably doesn’t like it because there’s no team,” Dudley said.