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Pau Gasol sees Argentina in Olympic final

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NBA superstar Pau Gasol expressed his wish to play against Argentina in the final in Beijing Olympics according to espnstar.com Last time these two teams met was in 2006 World Championship’s semi-final. That time it was Spain who ended up as the winners to take the gold eventually.

“If I was offered an Olympic final between Spain and Argentina, I would take it,” Gasol told Argentinian newspaper Clarin.

“It would be a very even game as the World Championship game was two years ago.

“I truly don’t know what Spain would have to do to beat Argentina. We are two very even teams.

“To beat them, we should play with tension, all players must be at 100% and play tough defence, fast attacking and send the ball into the basket.

“I hope we can play the gold medal game, but we must pass several obstacles before reaching the eventual decisive match.”

Gasol sees USA as the main favourites but believes Olympic Games to be very even: “The United States are the big favourites to take gold.

“However, they have recently proved they are not invincible.

According to Pau Gasol there are five teams excluding United States that will be fighting for the medals: “Argentina, Greece, Russia, Lithuania and Spain will be the national teams to fight for the medals, but there is always a surprise.

“Argentina and Spain have proved they are now the best two national teams in the world. Both have clinched the best results, but we cannot guess what will happen in the future.

“Argentina already have a gold medal. We’ll see if we can take it this year.”

Despite being a key player in NBA, Pau Gasol is loyal to his country and comes to play every summer. Gasol stats this year:

07-08  Grizzlies 39 39 36,7 0,501 0,267 0,819 2,4 6,4 8,8  1,4 2,05 2,20 18,9
07-08  Lakers 27 27 34,0 0,589 0,000 0,789 2,3 5,6 7,8  1,6 1,63 2,00 18,8
07-08  — 66 66 35,6 0,534 0,250 0,807 2,3 6,0 8,4  1,5 1,88 2,10 18,9
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