One of the nicest guys to have ever played in NBA, 47 year old Sudanese Manute Bol have passed away after a chronic battle against Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a fatal skin condition at the University of Virginia medical centre.

Manute Bol was not your average professional athlete. He was an activist supporting many causes in his war-plagued homeland Sudan where the ethnic minority of Dinka (which he belongs to) is being discriminated by the fascist Islamic government of Sudan based on their religious differences.

In fact, Bol donated much of the money he had earned in his 10 year NBA career to such causes, among others creating the Ring True Foundation which helps Sudanese refugees.

Manute was the tallest NBA player until Gheorghe Muresan and is the only player who had more block shots than points scored. He has also scored some incredible threepointers while in a game against Orlando Magic he made four blocks in a row!

Manute Bol’s famous four blocks in a row and his threepointers:


Manute Bol in a more pleasant moment of his life with Charles Barkley