How basketball betting works: Tips and basic strategies to win

Basketball is undoubtedly a very good alternative for those who want and / or need to get a little out of the clutches of football, already saturated in every sense. To tell you the truth, a basketball game is much more dynamic, changing and entertaining than a football game. This, for example, directly influences live betting, whose odds can fluctuate strongly and constantly during a game. If you are wondering how basketball betting works, in this space we will try to tell you in detail, with advice and strategies that will allow you to start on the right foot.

What types of bets can be made on basketball?

The markets for betting on basketball are very wide and far from being limited to the winner. The non-existence of the tie as a possibility breaks with the speculation that does stand out in other sports, the truth is that there are several markets much more interesting and profitable than the match betting. The “Over/Under” is a classic in basketball betting: the objective is to guess if the total of points will pass or not a certain line.

For example, an option could be “More than 210.5 points”, which would mean that two very effective teams face each other in the opposing hoop. When trying your luck in this market is essential to study very well the statistics of the sets protagonists says free online pokies games for Australians.

As in tennis, handicap betting is an attractive alternative in basketball. In most cases and thinking especially of the NBA, there is a clear favorite. And unlike football, in the NBA it is usual to comply with logic. So, if you’re convinced that Miami Heat will beat Toronto Raptors, for example, but you don’t want to risk betting on the game, you have the option to play Miami-4 and get a much more profitable share: to win you’ll need the Heat to win by at least 5 points.

If you believe that in such a game there will be a clear dominator and the winning bet does not offer an attractive odds you can then opt for what is called “Double result” or “Rest/Final”. There you play everything to the team you believe will prevail and you will surely find a much higher quota. But of course, the margin of error will shrink and your team must be up on the scoreboard both at half-time and at the end of the match.

Basketball Betting Tips

Some tips actually serve to refer to any sport and discipline. A good gambler should not leave loose ends. To be informed, to pay attention to the statistics, to have the cold head and not to decide the bets because yes they are four points to consider to begin. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning some peculiarities for beginners. In the NBA, the team that appears first is the visitor, although there are some bookmakers that place the local first (Interwetten, for example). Also, it is necessary to find out how our trusted operator proceeds in certain matters: if we bet on the amount of points, does the play include what happens in overtime?

European leagues are played once a week, or twice occasionally. However, teams competing in international competitions such as the Euroleague or Eurocup have a much more hectic schedule. Not so much as the NBA, of course, whose pace is exhausting only in sight. This point is important and requires attention to two aspects such as injuries and breaks that usually decide coaches for some players (rotations), sometimes decisive in the outcome. Another thing: don’t forget to analyse the latest head-to-head confrontations between the chosen teams, they can say much more than imaginable.

Basketball betting strategies

An interesting strategy is to target future markets. If you really know and are a regular basketball fan, are informed and like to investigate, the future markets are for you. A random match can be affected by an endless number of surprises and unforeseen events that could even lead to “catastrophe” to the most favorite. However, that is far more difficult to happen in the long term. That’s the advantage for scholars: they can bet – for example – on a one-time team’s total wins in the season, the champion, the conference winners and even the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

On the other hand, in the opening paragraph we refer to live betting, also known as “live betting. In basketball, these gather all the condiments to enjoy days loaded with adrenaline and emotion. Let’s focus on the “Over/Under” market, one of the most frequented by those who bet on basketball. The option we propose is to look for a game that is practically defined, in which the favorite has made a lot of difference in the first three quarters. This situation will make the Over pay less and that’s when we play a card to the Under, speculating on two factors: rotation and loss of quality in the favorite, and demoralization in the defeated. Most likely this will “pinche” the match, then the Under alternative will become more and more possible and still pay very well.

Euroleague, NBA and ACB, different strategies?

In principle, they are still basketball games, so there are many issues in common between Euroleague, NBA and ACB League. As mentioned above, the NBA is played at a much higher pace, so you have to be more attentive. In other words, following the NBA and being well informed about it takes more time and is more laborious than in the Euroleague and the ACB League. Among the factors to take into account in each case are the track factor, gusts, injuries, rest time, travel, the emotional moment that goes through a team and also the present of the great figures.

While logically we must pay attention to all this in any tournament, in the NBA are more decisive points. While a major U.S. league team can play 5 games in a week, Spain’s ACB League is played once a weekend. In that case, the Euroleague can have up to two games per week, although this is not usual. Then, aspects such as rest and possible rotations can even affect to break localities and complicate the favorites. This happens less in Europe, where these things also happen but for other reasons.

Taking advantage of a player’s point bets

Those who really understand basketball and also have patience and dedication can get great benefits from the markets that offer betting around the amount of points scored by certain players. There are some who manage to stay on the crest of the wave for several seasons and others who also have good but shorter gusts. There they begin to play the degree of information of the bettor, the good eye and the intuition.

As far as information is concerned, it is important to soak up as much as possible in terms of statistics. Well into the season, you can already see certain trends that are difficult to break. For example, in the NBA, players like James Harden, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, among others, will probably remain until the end of the regular stage among the top scorers (unless they are injured, of course). You have to play them a card. Can you miss? Yes, there’s always that possibility, but we’ll definitely have a good chance of winning. In addition to looking at the total statistics of the season, a good exercise is to choose two or three players and review their numbers during the last month. This will show us the way more clearly. And again, attention to injuries and rotations: don’t bet on more than 30 points from LeBron James and just rest in that game.