During UNICS Kazan – CSKA Moscow last weekend (for VTB United League) Matjaz Smodis had an incident against Zakhar and Evgeny Pashuting, player and coach of UNICS.

Everything started after Smodis flopped during a screen to get the foul, then while being down on the floor he kicked Zakhar Pashutin. As Then the family instinct of Evegeny Pashutin kicked in, as he left the bench and approached Smodis with whom he exchanged some words. Watch the video below.


Both players were disqualified and sent to locker rooms. Later on they were banned for two VTB LEague games and fined 50K roubles each. Evgeny Pashutin received a 9K roubles fine. For the record, CSKA won the game.