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Are you a school, institution, or club that promotes basketball playing? If so, the need to buy a portable basketball hall may come up at one time or another. Although it is a temporary structure that can be moved from one place to another, this is a big project for the institution that needs some consideration.

The management will have to brainstorm and see that the right decision has been made. The points below will be of help to anyone who is planning to purchase such a big and complicated temporary structure.

The Available Space

A basketball hall is a big stricture that requires enough space. But this is a relative consideration since available spaces differ. According to experts, any sizeable space that meets the minimum size of a basketball pitch in square feet can be utilized. Their planners will take measurements and start the work immediately should they get the contract. The best optionis to take the experts to the site to see it physically and advise on the best way forward.

The Types of Materials

Even though it is a temporary hall, the types of materials to be used should be reliable and durable. First of all, the frames should be metallic to assure robustness. A weak hall can be fatal to both the players and fans. Temporary basketball halls should avoid any multiple-story structures since they are not supposed to be used by many people. The outer covering can be any material that is reliable, easy to build, and less costly at the same time. Let the experts give you various options they have for such a structure before making the final decision.

The Cost

When the cost is too high and unsustainable, it beats the logic of making a temporary hall. Although they are quick to make, they should also favor you in cost. Both the materials and the cost of labor should be relatively low compared to a permanent basketball hall. The website offers affordable services, and you can make an inquiry through their customer care line. If you are not near them, check any other reputable experts in your area.

The Ventilation

Being a sports hall, ventilation can never be compromised. Before anything else, the experts should discuss with you about the position of the ventilation, the size of any openings in the basketball hall, and whether or not there will be any air conditioning units installed. The fact that it is used by many people at the same time makes it a sensitive structure and fresh air should circulate well throughout.


One quality that has made temporary structures very useful today is their high level of flexibility. Imagine having a basketball hall that can be collapsed within a day and relocated to another position on the compound and then set up again the following day. Make sure that the metal frames are screwed together instead of being wielded permanently.

With these considerations, your project will not only be a success, but it will also be very useful to all of the users. A successful temporary basketball hall will also save you a lot of resources.