The highest-attended home court in the EuroLeague, Zalgirio Arena, will take another step to fortify its spot as the most modern arena in European basketball. Having risen on the scenic Nemunas River Island before the dawn of EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania, Zalgirio Arena has not shied away from investing in modern technology.

Its most recent investment comes in the form of brand-new LED screens, that have replaced the traditional scoreboards mounted on the walls of the arena. The newly installed screens will be capable of broadcasting not only live statistics, but also all sorts of video material or events as they happen live.

Basketball courts assume a life of their own when new equipment is installed. In different parts of the world, countries have been trying to get youngsters to start playing the game in the hopes that it can become as big as the NBA. They are vying to get their hands on the best basketball scoreboards on sale, giant LED screens, and other equipment. The important thing is to build the infrastructure so that the game and its players can thrive.

Zalgirio Arena technical director Vilhelmas Motiejunas was delighted introducing the arena’s new additions.

“We’re very happy to announce that we’ve dismounted the old scoreboards and already changed them with brand new ones. We’ve mounted truly impressive full HD LED screens, that will immerse fans into the experience and allow them to follow not only the points and fouls of the players, but will also allow playback of all sorts of video material.”

This will not be the only improvement the arena sees, as fresh basketball hoops recently been installed, while the outdoor LED screen on Zalgirio Arena was enlarged by another 3.5 meters last week. Now standing at an incredible 83.5 meters wide and 4 meters tall, the screen is not only the single largest outdoor LED screen in the region, but also amongst the largest throughout Europe.

“The screen provides tremendous opportunity to attract potential sponsors and event organizers, therefore it’s very attractive to the club financially. The whole city sees Zalgiris name on it, and now it provides the opportunity for the club to grow.”

There won‘t be a waiting period before fans get the chance to test out the innovative technologies first-hand, as they are all ready for fans to enjoy during the EuroLeague Next Generation Tournament, where the brightest young stars of European basketball will test their might.