The NBA2K19 Gaming Tournament opened with a quarter-final match-up which saw Arsenal midfielder Alex Iwobi take on model and actress Amy Jackson for an all-important place in the semifinal of the competition.

The Gunners star opted to represent the Houston Rockets, with Amy selecting LeBron James’ L.A. Lakers in a repeat of the feisty affair earlier in the season. Could we expect the same drama in this match-up?

Three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen oversaw the contest between the pair. Amy’s Lakers opened the scoring with back-to-back baskets from Ingram and JaVale McGee. But Iwobi’s Rockets were quick to respond with an easy two for Clint Capela as the Nigerian international Iowbi celebrated the comeback with a floss, declaring ‘It’s back. It’s back’.

Jackson then stunned the crowd with a three-pointer from Ingram, closely followed by a slam dunk from McGee which had NBA Legend Bruce Bowen on his feet. The Lakers were leading 16-9 before Iwobi’s Rockets managed to bring it back to 16-15. But a bit of magic from LeBron James soon put the Lakers out of reach, with Bowen stating ‘she doesn’t know what to do right now!’

The enthralling quarter-final contest ended in a 21-19 Lakers victory, giving Amy the first victory of the tournament. Despite falling at the first hurdle, Iwobi was gracious in defeat with the 22 year-old acknowledging his opponent’s deserved victory ‘I’m a good sport… if people didn’t watch the game and they see the scores, they’re going to think it was close, but it wasn’t’.

Jackson, who is a former Miss Teen World winner, showed humility in her win and praised the Lakers’ star man for her victory; ‘You can’t beat LeBron. I think I had the upper hand in that sense’. Asked if she was confident going into the next round, Jackson was conscious of not getting ahead of herself, saying ‘I think that was beginner’s luck. I’m not going to say anything, I’m going to play my cards close to my chest and see what happens’.

Could Amy Jackson be the dark horse of this year’s NBA2K19 Gaming Tournament?

Alex Iwobi Q+A

Q: Have you enjoyed participating in the NBA 2K Gaming Tournament?

Iwobi: Yeah it’s been fun – I’ve met some new people and played the game for the first time.

Q: Are you excited for the London Game between the Washington Wizards and the New York Knicks in January?

Iwobi: Yes definitely, hopefully I will be available for the game. I think the Wizards will win. Neither team has had the best start but I think the Wizards will come out on top but we’ll have to wait and see.

Q: Who would you say is the LeBron James of the Premier League?

Iwobi: I would say Hazard. He’s dominating and has a had a very good season so far and he’s always a top performer.

Q: Who’s the best basketball player in the Arsenal squad?

Iwobi: I was going to say Per Mertesacker but he’s retired now so I’m not sure any more. Lacazette is good but he’s just so short – I’ll give it to Laca anyway.

Q: Who would be in your ultimate Premier League basketball team?

Iwobi: All goalkeepers! They’re all tall and good with their hands. Asmir Begovic is here and he’s very tall so he’d be good. I’d get Petr Cech in there as well, he would be a good basketball player.