Kevin Durant, Draymond Green
Photo: Fox Sports Asia

A clutch time turnover by Draymond Green caused a conflict between him and his teammates, especially Kevin Durant, and eventual suspension by the team.

The Warriors had a chance to win a game against the Los Angeles Clippers after Green stole the ball from Lou Williams with a game being tide at 106 with 6 seconds left to play.

Despite obvious gestures by Durant to pass him the ball, Green decided to make the final play himself just to lose the ball on the other end of the floor.

Eventually, the Clippers took a win in overtime 121-116. While this was just another regular season defeat for the Warriors, Durant was disappointed with Green’s final play and made it known to him how hee feels about it.

Green wasn’t going to accept criticism and made some comments back to Durant. A heated conversation took place on the Warriors’ bench but it wasn’t over.

Reportedly, the conversation continued in the locker room with more players expressing their disapproval at Green’s actions. The situation got so tense that the Warriors decided to suspend Green for a game.

Without Green the Warriors defetead the Atlanta Hawks 110-103. It remains to be seen whether this was a random outburst or the reigning champions have some serious issues.