ImageCajasol lost against ASK Riga in Latvia by fourteen points. Next week will be played the second game, to decide which team advance to Eurocup, and which one play EuroChallenge.

Cajasol lost their first international game after eight seasons, this time played in Riga. Both teams played well in the first hald, which finished tied with the result 41-41. In the second half, the local team got little advantage, until the last quarter, when the difference went up to sixteen points for some moments.

The centers of ASK Riga scored 51 points, and that was a key factor for the victory. The players of Cajasol never could stop Marsh and Sundov, while Carter and Ignerski did a good job scoring. Next Tuesday, in Seville, will be played the second game, and sevillian team will have to win with an advantage of more than fourteen points if they want to play Eurocup this year.