ULEB CupThere will be 32 teams in the next year’s edition of the ULEB Cup. According to lrytas.lt 24 teams will get direct qualification. Adriatic league, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Turkey will all have 2 teams in the competition. Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland  Ukraine will have one representitive.

Two more teams will be selected by ULEB.

There will be 24 teams playing in the qualifying tournament. 16 of them will begin the first round of knockout stage. There will be teams from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine playing in the first round. 8 teams that will progress will be joined by two teams from Adriatic league and Spain and one team from each: France, Poland, Russia. The 8th team will be selected by ULEB.

There will be 16 teams in the second qualifying round. Half of them will qualify for the ULEB Cup. All the teams knocked in first and second qualifying rounds will join FIBA Europe Cup.

The first qualifying round will be staged on October 14th and 21st. The matches of the second round will be played on November 4th and 11th.

The final ULEB Cup stage should begin in the second half of November.