Brad had the opportunity to have an interesting interview with Brad Newley, Panellinios' BC Australian forward. Newley talked about his professional career in Greece's domestic league, the national team of Australia and about his his favorite song.

– Brad, to begin with, congratulations for your win against Bnei Hasharon, which was the first that you reached in EuroCup's competition.

Thank you.

– As I was looking your personal profile, I noticed that during your college years in Australia you used to play as a guard. Is that true?

In Australia I played wing-position which is very similar to position “3” in the courts. On the other hand, in Europe my teams had many guards in their roster, so I attended to play more in the position “3” as a forward.

– And which element lead you develop to a forward player during your early professional years of playing?

The thing is that I try to play a style of a little bit guard and forward together, but I would not say that I play exactly as a forward. In Panionios On Telecoms I played as a froward, so in many last year I started becoming in this position.

– I noticed that you were one of Townsville's Crocodiles best players, according to your statistics and annual awards that you gained. For which person of the team would you be thankful for?

I had the chance to play with the veteran player John Riley, who played for A.E.K. Athens many years ago for a small period of time, and he was a leader for me. I followed his footsteps, he was a guy who helped me out a lot in order to play in a good level in Australia.

– And one similar question to the previous one, for which person of your personal life would you be thankful for persuading you play basketball?

For both my parents, but most for my father because he was a professional basketball player in Australia many years ago. I started playing basketball when I was five years old and it was interesting the way he forced me and supported me all the time.

– Which basketball player is your inspiration in your game?

My favorite basketball player? I have many favorite basketball players, like some players in Australia, but also Michael Jordan is one of my favorites. Also I have some players-heroes in Australia, like Andrew Gaze who used to be a great player in Australia and participated in national competitions.

– As for the Greek league, last year you played for Panionios On Telecoms and during this season you play for Panellinios BC. Which was the key factor that lead you decide stay in Greece for one more year?

There was a situation in Panionios On Telecoms, where the team wanted to add a point guard for the foreign player's position, so Panellinios BC very quickly offered me a nice contract, and by the time I knew the head coach of the team and some players I took the opportunity to sign with Panellinios BC and I am very happy to be here.

– Panellinios BC has a record of 8-2 in the Greek league. Which is the top that you can reach as a team, or should we expect a big surprise from you and the other guys of the team?

As a team we are in a good condition at the moment and we play nice basketball. We concentrating on our defensive game in order to hold the opponent at a low-scoring level and this is our playing. We are also a solid team with a good spirit and our goal is to finish in one of the first four positions of the league and anything could happen then.

– Which other teams of the Greek league have impressed you and with which teams will Panellinios BC clinch for the 3d place?

Well, Maroussi Costa Coffee is a very strong team, P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki also and off course my former team Panionios On Telecoms is another strong opponent. And finally Aris BSA off course, which is the only team we have lost twice till now.

– The head coach of the team, mr Ilias Zouros, is a coach who knows the Greek reality and can help the foreign players of the team, by adjusting them to the meaning of every single game. Could you please characterize mw Zouros for us, as a coach and as a person equally?

Believe me, he is a very good coach with good spirit. Till now he has faced many situations and right now he is really comfortable in the situations we have in the team. He loves his players and I think this is a good quality, and also he boosts us in defense and he has good strategy which makes us the team we are.

– Ivan Radenovic was announced as the MVP of the third playing day of EuroCup's competition. If I am not wrong, two or three times some of your teammates gained the MVP title after a playing day of the Greek league. What does this mean for you?

This means that the team has many good players who help me out and I help them out. As for Ivan, he is a very strong player, and I can mention Golemac and Anthony Grundy who are also really strong. The team has great individual players who help the team not only by scoring, but also by grabbing rebounds and giving assists.

– In few weeks time you will be facing Aris BSA. You have already played against the “yellows”, so which is your opinion about the team from Thessaloniki?

Aris BSA is a team which we had troubles with playing against them and we lost the games that were close to the score. They have a very similar playing to ours, fighting in defense and running is offense, and also they have some key players that we have to focus on the next time we face Aris BSA, in order to reach the win.

– Which is the most difficult opponent that you have faced during your professional years of playing?

I had the opportunity to participate last summer in the Olympic games in Beijing and I faced players like Manu Ginobili and Kobe Bryant, so those two were very very tough opponents. Also, I have faced some very great players of the Greek national team, of the Greek league and some American players back in Australia.

– Like every basketball player, do you have the dream of playing in NBA?

For sure, Houston Rockets have my fees an the moment and if I continue to play strong something could happen in the future, but I am glad for playing in Europe because I feel comfortable at the same time.

– As for you now, according to what I have heard you are an optimistic and also an enthusiastic player. Which are your personal goals about your future and not only?

My near future is to play my best for Panellinios BC in the Greek league and in the European competition, and as for my future I want to continue playing in a high-level and participating in the best competitions in Europe ore even in the States. Also, I want to represent my country.

– According to what you lately noticed, how do you feel when you play for the national team of Australia?

It is the best for me, it is the best feeling for a player representing his country. Australia is a country very far away and when we gathering together to play it is something very important for us, so I feel pretty fine.

– And some personal questions. Which are your basic thoughts that you follow in your daily life?

I am not a superstitious guy, I do not have a plan which I follow every day. For example some days I get up early, some other days I sleep more. One thing that I like to do, is to practice myself in extra shots whenever the gym is available. Also, I had a very busy summer and I was tired earlier from the season, but it is funny because I do not feel pressured due to the fact that I have the time to relax during the season, so I practice day by day in order to get stronger as a player.

– How would you characterize Brad Newley? Which are some things that characterize you as a person?

As a person, someone easy-going, typical Australian who likes to joke but also very serious. I enjoy myself, I am sociable and like to mix with people but I am a serious person.

– Which is your favorite song that you listen to before a game in order to relax yourself?

Everyday I have a new song, for example at the moment I am listening to Alicia Keys and Jack White, the theme of Jame's Bond new movie, I like this song. But also I listen to different staff, one day it could be something from the 80's or some other day could be rock music.

– And honestly, one last question. Do you like Greek society? Do you like the Greeks?

Yeah, I enjoy the Greek people. I have to admit that I had good relationship with the Greeks in Australia due to the fact that they are really passionate with the sport of basketball and I enjoy the fans. Also, people in the streets are very friendly and speak a lot of English something that helps me a lot.

– Brad thank you very much for your time and wish you good luck to you and Panellinios BC, and hope to meet you in the courts.