ImageTalkBasket was present in the last training of Aris BSA before its tomorrow's first game for the new season against Panellinios BC. Coach Andrea Mazzon shared some of his thoughts for the new team, for his aims and the new champinship that starts in the upcoming weekend.

– Mr. Mazzon, first of all, what is your opinion about Panellinios BC?

Panellinios BC is a team with a great roster and a significant budget. There are players like Anthony Grandy, Dimitris Kalaitzidis, Juro Ostojic that play together for a second year in a row, and this is something that must be noticed. I think that they are a really good team.

– Which is the main key in order for Aris BSA to win the first game?

In the opening season the main fact in not the strategy that will be followed by the team. I mean that the defence or the offence do not play the basic role in the courts, but is the ability to be calm, the ability to release the anxiety and the stress, that will lead you to the win. The players should control the body and find a way in order to save energy.

– Do you think that the players of the team feel ready for the tomorrow's game?

Actually, at the time speaking, I do not have a clear picture about the psychology of all players, but I am sure that they will come up ready in order to give their 100%.

– Two years ago the team finished in the second place of the league, despite the fact that there were teams with bigger budgets than Aris BSA had. Could you state a comment about this?

Well, there are great differences between the two teams and differences between the teams two years ago and now. In my opinion budgets do not play basketball and this is the main fact. During the upcoming season, there will be at least five (5) teams wich are more ''expensive'' than we are, but our target remains the same, to do the best in the court and build a team in order to play in the Euroleague's stages again.

– And one last question, what do you expect from tha fans of the team, because they play a great role in every game in Alexandreio, the home of Aris BSA?

We need them. We need help from everybody, because the players are good, try a lot and deserve to play in crowded basketball-arena, like Alexandreio.