Jasikevicius: We will be moving abroad

Sarunas Jasikevicius set the record straight after false reports from Lithuania claimed that he was training with Panathinaikos and ready to sign a minimum contract with the Greek champions and states that he has no problem whatsoever to move abroad.

Antonis Kalkavouras of the Greek sports website Gazzetta.gr contacted Jacikevicius after the rumours sprang out of Lithuania some days ago and when asked whether it was true he was staying at Panathinaikos he replied:

“What can I say? When they called me to tell me about these reports I went online to check them myself. Then I made some phone calls to Lithuania to find out where they are getting their information from and all I got was a vague “sources close to Panathinaikos”. I’ve been hearing about the same sources since summer and this has been going on for three months now. I feel sorry for the fans who get to read these things so I want to make myself clear. Of course Panathinaikos would be the ideal choice for me, but since they are not interested in me I won’t be sitting and waiting for ever.”

Saras also made clear that he has no problem whatsoever to moving abroad, despite all the rumours:

“My wish to stay in Greece no-matter-what is not true. It’s just that for the moment and until my daughter is born (any day now, by the way) it is not easy for me to move. But when she is born and I get a good offer, the entire family will be moving abroad.”

More interesting quotes from Jasikevicius regarding his career and Lithuania NT:

  • Staying out for the beginning of the season might be good for me. I have realised that my age is a hurdle for a good contract, and maybe that’s a good thing. I strongly believe that there is 2-3 years of good basketball left in me and I will be better this season.
  • Lietuva! Lietuva! Did you see what we did? A huge success for a great team, just a year from Eurobasket2011 which will be hosted in our country. What surprised me was that all players, except Kleiza, did not come off the best individual years, but in Turkey they showed great hearts and great thirst and was the surprise of the tournament. In my opinion the big secret of this team was Kestutis Kemzura. He inspried the guys, gave them clear defensive guidelines and the result was more than excellent. When they returned to Vilnius, the fans went crazy.

Source: Gazzetta.gr