EuroLeague Basketball will hold its annual pre-season meeting in Barcelona on Friday to discuss several topics with one of those being a possible league expansion.

Last season, 16 teams exclusively competed in a newly-formatted league structure with an idea of inviting new club in the future with the maximum number being a 24-team league.

According to Italian outlet Tuttosport, there will discussions with regards to adding a further two teams to next season’s EuroLeague with room for a French league side as well as a second German team.

It was also reported that when the 24-team EuroLeague is in place, then the competition could be split into two different conferences. However, EuroLeague officials have told TalkBasket that they aim to keep the league format as it is for years to come.

Another item on Friday’s agenda will include FIBA’s compromise to switch the international gamedays during the November 2017-Feburary 2018 window to Fridays, so that EuroLeague players can join their respective national sides when their round of club games ends on Tuesday night.