Fantasy NBA 2016/2017: At least 1.000 Euro in prizes!

The biggest basketball competition in the World will start on Wednesday the 26th of October at 02.00 hours CET with the match between the New York Knicks and Cleveland Caveliers. The big question will be which team can keep Cleveland Caveliers from their 2nd consecutive title?

This question is very important when creating a team for the Fantasy NBA 2016/2017 from Zweeler. For this game you need choose 8 teams with a budget of 160 million euro. The Golden State Warriors (35 mln.), San Antonio Spurs (27.9 mln.), Cleveland Caveliers (33.5 mln) and the Toronto Raptors (25.6 mln.) are the most expensive teams.

For the Fantasy NBA 2016/2017 you can win per match points during the regular season and also in the playoffs with the teams chosen by you. You get 2 points per win and 0 points when you lose. When a game gets into OT (overtime), the loosing team will still get 1 point. When a team reaches the playoffs, that team will get 10 points for reaching the quarter final. When reaching the Semi Final your team (s) will get another 10 points etc.

The prize pool is now 1,000 euro and the winner will receive 200 euro (28 general classification prizes). Besides this we also have a few prizes for the best sub leagues. One team will only cost 7 euro for the full NBA season!

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