Turkish Basketball Federation and its clubs exclusive to Basketball Champions League

The Turkish Basketball Federation has announced that it supports the FIBA Basketball Champions League and will join France and Italy in competing in the competition.

The news will only create more of a divide between basketball’s governing body FIBA and Euroleague Basketball, who will be altering their format next season by reducing the amount of teams to 16, making it more exclusive to play in.

Two of those Euroleague sides that compete in the Turkish Basketball League; Fenerbahce and Anadolu Efes will remain in the competition due to its A-licence.

“In March, FIBA will unveil its plan for the Basketball Champions League,” said TBF president Harun Erdenay in a statement. “This announcement marks a turning point in European Basketball.

“The dual structure for European club competitions that currently exists is inhibiting our sport from reaching its full potential. As a FIBA member and leading basketball nation, we want European club competitions to be managed by FIBA. The French and Italian Basketball Federations have expressed a similar position recently.

We have met with many of our clubs and have received positive responses. Our league’s clubs, except those already committed to Euroleague, will take their spots in FIBA’s Basketball Champions League. Additionally, we expect these clubs will be accepted in this newly established structure as primary stakeholders having prominent roles.

“This path will lead to greater growth and success for our clubs, leagues, federations, and basketball as a whole.

We will be informing our clubs of the latest developments in the days ahead.”

The new Basketball Champions League is set to begin in the 2016-17 season, the same as the new Euroleague season with the new format in place.