ImageAccording to the Turkish basketball website Efes Pilsen is really close to signing the Serb shooting guard Igor Rakocevic.

Efes Pilsen returned to the throne of the Turkish basketball after three dry seasons and with such a high morale they are doing everything in their hands in order to make the team even stronger. And what better move than signing the best scorer of the European courts?

Igor Rakocevic' agent had already confirmed that his client had an official offer from Efes Pilsen but it seems that the two parties are even closer than that.

Although TAU wants to keep Rakocevic, rumours say that most of the team's players are unhappy with their current coach Dusko Ivanovic and that is why most of them would not mind leaving the team.

Rakocevic had made himself quite a name in Turkey back in 2003 with his excellent game in the Eurobasket final game between Serbia-Montenegro and Turkey when he led his national team to the gold medal.