CSKA turns to young Russian players

ImageAs CSKA Moscow's General Manager Andrei Vatutin stated to the club's official website, CSKA Moscow will now have to rebuild its squad because their budget will be reduced.

More specifically Andrei Vatutin stated:

"In response to the upcoming budget cuts CSKA decided to build a new team. We have discussed the future concept of our project with out shareholders for a long time now and the outcome of those discussions is that CSKA must remain a basketball leader in Russia, a team aiming for the highest targets.

Doing so, it is time to give a chance to a Russian coach and provide opportunities to young Russian players to prove themselves on the court. We want to see a young and ambitious team under the leadership of Evgeniy Pashutin which will be consisting of Russian players in, at least, two-thirds of the squad. I am sure this is the right path, a path which is fully consistent with the interests of our basketball.

In choosing Evgeniy Pashutin as our new head coach we are certain that: Yevgeniy Pashutin has extensive experience working as an assistant coach alongside Dusan Ivkovic, Ettore Messina and David Blatt. Last season, Evgeniy did well for himself in Spartak St. Petersburg. This is the coach, whose name we want to link the future of our club to. We believe that Pashutin has every chance to succeed. Through the powerful infrastructure of CSKA, the experience of managers and staff of the club, the support of fans, together, we can succeed. Evgeniy is well aware of the complexities, and is willing to assume greater responsibility.

Seven years ago, when we started the CSKA basketball project with Sergey Kushenko, the task was slightly different: to create a European powerhouse, which would dominate not only in Russia but would be able to win the Euroleague. This project was very successful – we won the Euroleague twice, while leading basketball in Russia, on the national level too. Trying to beat our team, our domestic rivals in Russia have substantially improved their club infrastructure, increased budgets, signed the best players and coaches. As a result, club basketball in Russia has made a qualitative leap forward and achieved significant results in European cups.

Today, however, the pace of our development has clearly slowed because of the financial situation and modern times require for new ideas.  The budget races and the signing of foreign stars no longer work for us.  I am sure, that investing on young Russian players, CSKA will be laying a new cornerstone in the foundation of our basketball. We have to trust the Russian players and coaches, make the product attractive to investors.

Of course, changes will be made in the team squad and the coaching and administrative staff. We are negotiating with candidates who can strengthen CSKA, but their names will be announced after the successful conclusion of the negotiations between us."