Photo: ESPN/YouTube

JJ Redick has emerged as a strong candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coaching position after a series of impressive meetings.

According to NBA insider Shams Charania, the former sharpshooter met with the Lakers’ brass on Saturday for a lengthy interview and left a positive impression.

Despite rumors suggesting an agreement between Redick and the Lakers, Charania clarified that no official deal has been reached yet.

Charania stated on The Pat McAfee Show, “There’s not an agreement as far as I know for JJ Redick as of right now. We’re speaking right now almost 1:45 pm Eastern Time.”

He further explained that Redick’s in-person meetings with Lakers’ general manager and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka and ownership were extensive and well-received.

“JJ Redick went in to L.A. on Saturday and had in-person meetings, multiple hours, with the Lakers brass, with Rob Pelinka, the general manager, vice president of basketball operations, ownership as well,” Charania said.

Redick’s attributes and potential as a coach were highlighted during these discussions, which reinforced his position as the frontrunner for the job.

“All the characteristics you see in JJ Redick, all the characteristics you can envision in JJ Redick, those all shine there. Of course, we don’t know exactly what kind of coach he’s going to be until he’s in that seat,” Charania added.

The Lakers are taking their time to make a final decision, aiming to have a head coach in place by the NBA Draft next week.

Charania noted, “I think what the Lakers are doing now Rob Pelinka and that group is doing right now is taking the next few days after the NBA Finals now that JJ Redick is done with this Finals duties and now finally get to making a decision and getting to it as far as head coach.”

Redick’s candidacy remains strong, and his performance in the meetings has solidified his status as a top contender for the Lakers’ coaching role.