In the rapidly evolving world of sports analytics, TeamKeys stands out as a game-changer. Leveraging the power of advanced statistics, TeamKeys simplifies data analysis, making it more intuitive and efficient. This innovative approach allows coaches, scouts, and team managers to save time and make more informed decisions. But behind this innovation lies a unique and passionate story.

Our Story

TeamKeys is the result of a collaboration between two former basketball players, Nicholas Crow and Robert Fultz, and two visionary coaches, Massimo Maffezzoli and Giuseppe Di Paolo. After years in professional basketball, we recognized the untapped potential of statistical data. Our mission was clear from the start: to enhance the quality of teams by fully utilizing available data. This is how TeamKeys was born, a service designed to revolutionize the way teams analyze and use statistical information.

TeamKeys Services

TeamKeys Suite

The *TeamKeys Suite* is a comprehensive tool designed to cover various basketball leagues across Europe and America. It currently includes:

**European Cups:**

– EuroLeague, EuroCup, Basketball Champions League, FIBA Europe Cup
– Total Teams: 110, Total Players: 1175

**Top European Domestic Leagues:**

– LBA Serie A, Liga Endesa ACB, Basketbol Süper Ligi, LNB Pro A, A1 Ethniki, Basketball-Bundesliga, VTB United League, Aba League, LKL Lietuvos, Israel BSL

– Total Teams: 171, Total Players: 1725

**Other European Domestic Leagues:**

– Estonian-Latvian Basketball League, Polish OBL, Divizia A, BNXT League, Czech NBL, Portuguese LPB, British BBL, Danish Basketligaen, Hungarian NBIA, Finnish Korisliiga, Bulgarian NBL, Slovakian Extraliga, Cypriot Division A, Swiss LNA, Swedish Basketiligan
– Total Teams: 223, Total Players: 2308

**American Leagues:**

– NCAA D1, NBA G-league
– Total Teams: 393, Total Players: 3955

TeamKeys is continually expanding its coverage to include more leagues.

TeamKeys Scouting

*TeamKeys Scouting* is an essential tool for scouting managers, agents, and executives. It offers a comprehensive database of players from top European and American leagues. Key features include:

– Access to advanced statistics for each player across 34 championships.
– A similarity algorithm to identify athletes that fit specific criteria.
– Player comparison tools to highlight differences and strengths.
– Filters for personal, physical, and technical characteristics.
– The ability to compare players from different leagues and save notes and favorite lists.

TeamKeys Platform

The *TeamKeys Platform* enhances efficiency by organizing and streamlining workflow. It provides in-depth analysis of teams and players through advanced statistical data and automatic processing. Key functionalities include:

– Management access to comprehensive team and championship information.
– A mobile app for on-the-go data visibility.
– Advanced analytics for easy and effective consultation of statistics and performance comparisons.
– Communication tools for sending messages, sharing files, and creating custom rooms.
– A calendar for organizing and sharing training plans with the team.

TeamKeys App

The *TeamKeys App* offers a user-friendly interface for accessing advanced statistics on teams and athletes. Its features include:

– Simplified advanced statistical views.
– Tools to better prepare for upcoming matches.
– Comparative analysis of teams and players.
– Personalized ranking analysis for teams and players across various statistics.
– Cloud storage for receiving and saving files.
– Chat functionality for communication with teammates or staff members.


*TeamKeys Scouting:*
– 4 months at €499
– 12 months at €999

*TeamKeys Platform + App:*
– 10 months for one league at €999
– 10 months for two leagues (championship + cup) at €1299

*TeamKeys Suite (TKS + TKP + TKA):*
– 12 months at €1500
– 12 months with access to two competitions in TKP at €1750


We are actively seeking collaborators for markets outside Italy, where we already work with several teams. Our goal is to expand further. If you are passionate about basketball or work in the industry and want to learn more, please contact us to schedule a call and discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Contact Us

For more information or to join the data revolution with TeamKeys, contact us at:
– Email:
– Phone: +39 320 6384987 (also available on WhatsApp)
– Website:

TeamKeys is here to transform how you analyze sports data, providing you with the tools needed to gain a competitive edge.