Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla praised Jaylen Brown’s mindset and willingness to confront his weaknesses following the team’s Game 3 victory against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

Mazzulla highlighted Brown’s relentless desire to improve, stating, “The guy just has a growth mindset. He just wants to get better. He yearns to get better.”

Brown’s commitment to self-improvement is evident in his approach to the game, where he actively addresses his shortcomings.

Mazzulla emphasized this, saying, “He’s not afraid to face his weaknesses on the court.”

Brown’s performance in Game 3 showcased his dedication, as he scored 30 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and dished out eight assists.

Mazzulla further explained Brown’s process, noting how he uses multiple coaches to work on various aspects of his game.

“He uses six, seven, eight coaches a day and every situation on both ends of the floor,” Mazzulla said.

This comprehensive approach allows Brown to grow by becoming vulnerable in areas where he feels uncomfortable.

Mazzulla remarked on the importance of this mindset, stating, “That’s how you have to grow, is to become vulnerable on the things that make you uncomfortable and he does that.”

Brown’s growth mindset and willingness to confront challenges have been crucial to his development and the Celtics’ success.

As the Celtics continue their pursuit of an NBA championship, Brown’s approach serves as an example of dedication and resilience.