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David Dennis Jr. went on a racist, anti-white tirade against Caitlin Clark’s fans after reactions to her exclusion from the U.S. Olympics roster for the Paris Games. While he acknowledges a legitimate sports debate on her inclusion, he claims some are using it to express disdain for black women.

“The problem here is, and what concerns me going forward, is those people on the fringe that do exist, who are in real life, not just Internet trolls, politicians, pundits and people of the like, who are using Caitlin Clark as an avatar to lash out at the people who they have disdain for, mainly the makeup of the WNBA, black women, et. al,” Dennis said.

“They are using her to go against Team USA. What’s going to happen … the big tragedy here, is the way they are treated by those people come this summer,” he continued.