Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey thinks that Tyrese Maxey solidified himself as a legit second star next to Joel Embiid during 2023-24 (won Most Improved Player/named an Eastern Conference All-Star).

(via Philadelphia 76ers):

“We all had very high hopes, and I think you’d have put pretty good odds on it, we did, that Tyrese could be the second best player on a championship team. I think we absolutely believe that now, that belief went from high to I think we’re certain at this point that he can do that. Still a long way to go, but the fact that that’s the case, that means the job becomes to some of these questions like, ‘How do you find the rest of the roster to fit around that?’ And, ‘How do you get Joel at his maximal going in the playoffs?’”