Photo: Portland Trail Blazers/X

Dalton Knecht spoke about growing up in the same hometown as Portland Trail Blazers GM Joe Cronin at his pre-draft workout on Thursday (both from Thornton, Colorado).

(via Portland Trail Blazers):

Reporter: “I don’t know if you talked with Joe at all, obviously the GM, obviously from Colorado too, and he’s from pretty close to where you’re from.”

Knecht: “He’s from my hometown. Exactly from it. Live like a couple blocks away.”

Reporter: “Does that excite you at all to have obviously Chauncey [Billups], but to join this kind of Colorado crew they’ve got building here?”

Knecht: “Oh, yeah. It’s crazy. Right down the street from me, so it’s kind of cool just to talk about that type of stuff. I haven’t been home in a long time, so it’s kind of good just to see that.”