Photo: Houston Rockets/X

Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green believes that he saw growth this year in areas that head coach Ime Udoka told him to focus on.

(via Houston Rockets):

Reporter: “Just given the improvement as a defender and a playmaker and then in accordance with how Ime has preached selfless ball, how does that impact your growth going forward and into year four?”

Green: “I know what Ime want from me going into next year and then just this whole middle of the season to now. In the beginning of the season, he wanted me to be an all-around player, like you just said, playmaking and defense. I feel like I grew a lot in those areas. Scoring the ball is something I feel like Imma always be able to do, but being a complete player, an all-around player to help my teammates when shots aren’t falling… How I could still engage in the game and be effective? And I think I found out how to do that, just rebounding, playing defense, and making the right plays.”