Photo: Miami Heat/X

Miami Heat small forward Caleb Martin doesn’t really care too much about what happened during last postseason (facing the Philadelphia 76ers in the play-in tournament on Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Center).

(via Miami Heat):

Reporter: “I know it’s in the past, but obviously, you were huge in the playoff run last year. What are you looking to take from that run to this season?”

Martin: “Just be aggressive. The past is the past, nobody lives off that. What’s done is done, so nobody cares about that starting tomorrow or starting the beginning of this year. Nobody cares about that, including myself. Obviously, it’s great to have that experience and obviously to be able to take lessons from those past experiences moving forward, but it’s a new year and new opportunity to continue to show people that you rise in those occasions and I’m just happy I get to be in another environment like this in the postseason.”