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Orlando Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley said that the group has to do a better job of locking in defensively after Wednesday’s 117-99 road loss vs. the Milwaukee Bucks (also lost to the Houston Rockets 118-106 on Tuesday at Toyota Center).

*Remaining schedule: Friday at Philly, Sunday vs. Milwaukee at home*

(via Orlando Magic):

Reporter: “Obviously these games are important, what is your message to the group after tonight?”

Mosley: “Stay the course, stay the course. We control what we can control, and in these next two games we’ve got to be very focused and intentional about the way we go about our business. Defensively, that’s two games where we’ve given up 100-plus. I think we’ve got to do a better job of sitting down and locking in there. They have two big-time players, and Dame [Lillard] hit some big-time shots and Bobby Portis got going. But it’s got to be the identity of us that we continue to impact shots, make it tough for them, and keep sharing the ball, moving the ball, and making the right play.”